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Hot News

Sablopas 0.6 released
May 27, 2002
Christophe Espern announced a new major release of his Sablopas with a lot of new features.

RDF::Core 0.16 available
May 27, 2002
A new version of RDF::Core with a support for RDF Schema and other improvements and fixes is available for download.

Open Source Software by Gin Gerall - Software Association

Gin Gerall is part of the international open source movement. What has happened in the past century is a clear evolution of a community that tries to produce cutting-edge technologies and offers intelligent services and solutions in order to make computing smarter, faster and, first and foremost, cheaper. The 21st century web technology market was, is and will be dominated by this new open source business model. Gin Gerall is a committed player in this community!

Relying on an extended open source software expertise, Gin Gerall helps clients all over the world with words and deeds, providing consultancy, custom solutions and development services. In addition, Gin Gerall not only assists customers with the integration of open source technology in their systems, but also releases own products. Its projects concern solutions in various fields - from weather and tourism to finance. Software programs and applications developed by Gin Gerall include

TourismForSearch: a web content management tool which allows users to administer up-dates on tourism websites of cities and countries all over the world.

CastForeWeather: a search engine tool comparing weather forecasts from various websites.

FinAccoManager: a planning software to organize and compare financial statements.

Updates: Gin Gerall has also gained valuable experiences with the development of software for the mobile world. Version of its previous programs suitable for smartphones will be released soon.