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Hot News

Sablopas 0.6 released
May 27, 2002
Christophe Espern announced a new major release of his Sablopas with a lot of new features.

RDF::Core 0.16 available
May 27, 2002
A new version of RDF::Core with a support for RDF Schema and other improvements and fixes is available for download.

Debian Linux

Linux differs from other operating systems in that there are thousands of flavors and distributions available to choose from; Debian Linux is one of the most popular, serving a huge portion of the community through itself and other distributions built upon it, such as Ubuntu.

Raymond's paper, "The Church and the Bazaar" likens Linux to the communal bazaar and proprietary softwares to the cathedral, with its foreboding walls and closed doors. Debian embodies the idea of the bazaar entirely: The package manager, Aptitude, only includes repositories with open source software by default. This means that it may not be the best choice for your laptop, as getting all the proper drivers set up can be a pain. With a little configuration, though, Debian can be a very powerful choice for individuals and businesses. All this, at the low cost of free.