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Hot News

Sablopas 0.6 released
May 27, 2002
Christophe Espern announced a new major release of his Sablopas with a lot of new features.

RDF::Core 0.16 available
May 27, 2002
A new version of RDF::Core with a support for RDF Schema and other improvements and fixes is available for download.

Dependencies and related software

Eager programmers looking to make a name for themselves can find that the world of software design and web programming can be a tedious one. Programs such as Sablotron: Dependencies and related software help expedite the process and give designers the chance to tackle more in half the time.

As a lightweight library its purpose is to give handmade applications a strong programming base to develop from instead of starting completely from scratch. The speed of the program and minimal resource usage allow for powerful PHP encoding with direct extension conforming to W3C standards. Expert designers can even use Sabloton to further expand their current projects.