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Hot News

Sablopas 0.6 released
May 27, 2002
Christophe Espern announced a new major release of his Sablopas with a lot of new features.

RDF::Core 0.16 available
May 27, 2002
A new version of RDF::Core with a support for RDF Schema and other improvements and fixes is available for download.

Sablotron: The project Sablotron is an ongoing project available to the general public. Its builders encourage assistance from users to add to the effectiveness of the toolkit. Sablotron is a neat and movable XML toolkit that uses XSLT 1.0 DOM level 2 with X Path 1.0. The intention of the designers of Sablotron is to make a light and quick XML library processor that conforms to W3C specification to be used to perform multi platform XML functions.
For builders of portable XML tool kits who want to contribute to the projects functions improvements, Sablotron is written using C++ and is kept portable. Sablotron is compiled on Linux or Windows 2000. Its builders know that the toolkit can be run on Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, HP-UX, Irix and Win 32 systems. Its designers would appreciate all users of Sablotron to let them know if they are using the program and to take part in the project by emailing them.

Download Sablotron - you can find sablotron at